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I’ve bought an M1 MacBook Air despite many concerns that I thought of and voiced in one of my Medium articles. I was concerned about the new architecture, the closed platform I am subscribing myself into and many other factors. Let’s see if any of those were indeed true?

Battery Life

Well, Apple has claimed a phenomenal battery life that will outperform anything else. It seems like it lived up to the promise, however it mostly behaves like that when Apple applications are used (e.g Safari, Mail, etc.) and not as great when using other apps.

I am using Firefox as a…

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I’ve already written an article about the reasons why Apple Silicon might be a good and not so good choice. There is no doubt that technically this is a huge step forward for the whole computer industry. It’s fast, efficient and you can actually use your MacBook on your lap without fear of potential burns.

However, today I wanted to talk about the top reasons why you should reconsider using Apple Silicon chips and instead stick with x86 architecture at least for now. …

ArcaOS running in a Virtual Machine

Brief History

OS/2. The first time I’ve heard about this Operating System was somewhere in the late 1990s. I was a kid back in Russia and I’ve always had an eye on exploring different operating systems, including OS/2 and Linux. OS/2 was a stable and customizable alternative to Windows.

There is more to it and learning more about it gives a broader perspective on the market of operating systems in the 1990s. Initial versions of OS/2 were developed by both Microsoft and IBM. The “breakup” has happened around 1990 and between Windows 3.0 and OS/2 1.3 release. IBM continued to develop OS/2…

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Listen, we are all humans. We are controlled by emotions in one way or the other. Sometimes those emotions lead us to questionable actions. The most popular problem is that we stop believing that we are worth anything.

I was also falling for this misconception. First, you stop believing in yourself, then you start looking for excuses why you are a failure and finally you keep reminding people around you that you cannot achieve anything. You observe that nobody around is believing in you either. They might not even want to talk to you. Why? …

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1 year ago I was finishing my European trip. There was one sudden surprise that I didn’t really want to deal with: food poisoning. I was enjoying the view in Novi Sad, Serbia, and decided to finish the day in one of the restaurants downtown.

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4 years ago I was sitting in the office. I would probably say that it was a dream life. Stable income, friendly work environment, and interesting projects.

There was just one thing that was lacking: Life. You know that little thing that happens in between meetings, endless deadlines, and things like that. That’s right.

My routine was pretty much the same. Waking up, driving to work, talking with co-workers in the kitchen, and performing my job duties. But I was not happy. It was hard to admit, but my happiness level was just about zero.

Nobody could have guessed that…

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Ah, immigration! Moving from one country to another seeking prosperity, opportunities, and an ability to be heard. Sailing away to a new harbor. That’s how we start to get ourselves into the idea that changing places will give us absolutely different outcomes to live a better life.

However, nobody should confuse tourism with immigration and there are certain points that people you will understand after living long enough in a different country.

Let’s discuss those. Keep in mind that those points are subjective to my experience and you are free to discuss those with me. …

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Mobile applications are everywhere. Those days we are processing banking information, purchase tickets, write articles, and communicating with an outside world.

However, when we talk about the quality of those applications it’s frequently lacking. What exactly is lacking, you might ask?

Well, it depends on how we analyze the mobile application. There might be issues in those areas:

  • Security issues (encryption, passwords, data processing services)
  • UI issues (bad design, phone compatibility issues)
  • UX issues (main flows are not addressed well)
  • Crashes (issues while trying to perform basic scenarios)
  • Notifications (user is not notified and notifications are not opening the proper…

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AppleScript is one of those scripting languages that people don’t talk much about those days, but it’s available for writing advanced scripts for multiple purposes.

It’s been introduced back in 1993 (as a part of System 7) and has been a part of Mac OS ever since. Personally, I am using Apple Script for managing files and to automate my testing efforts.

Why would you need it? Simple. It’s a language available for many purposes to help speed up the routinely performed tasks. What are those tasks? Let’s talk specifically about the tasks that you could use for automation.

1. Saying text/phrases

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I’ve recently written an article about how I managed to lose a lot of weight in a short time frame of 3 months. I’ve lost 100 pounds and it was a blessing for me. It drastically improved my quality of life.

Today I wanted to talk about another personal subject — drinking. Let’s start with a background and how I got into drinking myself. And then a long way through realizing the long-term effects of drinking.


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