5 reasons why you should watch YouTube on 2x speed

Dmitry Yarygin
3 min readNov 8, 2019
Photo by YTCount on Unsplash

YouTube has a great impact on our lives. Sometimes it’s a positive impact and sometimes it can give us a few negative emotions. Nevertheless, we watch it every day and that means we consume the content daily.

For the past couple of years I’ve been trying to achieve the main thing: reduce my watch time and at the same time fully catch up on the content. That’s when I found out about a setting allowing me to watch everything on second speed.

What exactly are the benefits of watching all videos on faster speed?

Some videos are not worth watching

The main benefit of watching on second speed is that it takes much less time to understand if this video is actually worth your attention. To be honest, most of the time after watching 2–4 minutes of video I realize that it’s not worth my attention.

When you are watching everything on 2x speed, you realize it twice faster and can skip it. If you realize that the content is very interesting to you, then you can switch it to normal speed wherever you like.

Allows to digest more

This seems like an obvious point, but for some reason many people neglect it. Why waste your time watching one video, when you can watch 2 videos in the same…



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