5 Things that will Define 2020s Tech

Dmitry Yarygin
3 min readDec 26, 2022
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Sometimes it feels like not that much is happening in a decade, but then we take a step back and look over what has happened in the past ten years. It might feel like the difference is negligible, but then you look at it again and realize that it’s tremendous.

Let’s review the primary technology shifts we will see in the next ten years.

Cryptocurrency Going Mainstream

When I talk about Crypto to my friends and colleagues, they say it is only for nerds and will only be around for a short while. The risks are enormous, and earning potential is limited. If I ask them about it — they would say it’s doomed.

But when I say Cryptocurrency, I don’t mean Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency. I think more about CBDC, USDC, and other coins that are available or created in the future.

Most coins will fade away, and only a few will survive the financial shift.

The only clear thing is that Big Banks will always find a way to get around and adapt to a new market. It will be all about contactless payments and digital coins.

Cash will not go away, but it will be the least convenient option for most transactions. And yes, I personally still love cash.

Your phone will be your Laptop



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