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I’ve already written an article about the reasons why Apple Silicon might be a good and not so good choice. There is no doubt that technically this is a huge step forward for the whole computer industry. It’s fast, efficient and you can actually use your MacBook on your lap without fear of potential burns.

However, today I wanted to talk about the top reasons why you should reconsider using Apple Silicon chips and instead stick with x86 architecture at least for now. …

ArcaOS running in a Virtual Machine

Brief History

OS/2. The first time I’ve heard about this Operating System was somewhere in the late 1990s. I was a kid back in Russia and I’ve always had an eye on exploring different operating systems, including OS/2 and Linux. OS/2 was a stable and customizable alternative to Windows.

There is more to it and learning more about it gives a broader perspective on the market of operating systems in the 1990s. Initial versions of OS/2 were developed by both Microsoft and IBM. The “breakup” has happened around 1990 and between Windows 3.0 and OS/2 1.3 release. IBM continued to develop OS/2…

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It’s 2021 and we are living in the era of multi-core smartphones that are lighting fast, our recent Mac computers are no longer running on x86 chip and we have technologies that make us communicate efficiently and make collaboration an easy kind of a deal.

What could possibly be improved in that kind of sense? Well, there is always room for improvement, but there are certain things that are worth discussing here that could lead computers to a better place than those are nowadays.

I should also mention that those points are based on my subjective opinion and I’m not…


And why backup solutions are far from perfect

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When it comes to backup solutions it’s the topic that probably gives me the most anxiety. Just because there are options available doesn’t mean that there are enough good options.

Let talk about available backup options:

  • Hard Drive
  • Solid State Drive
  • DVD
  • Blue-Ray Disks
  • NAS
  • Cloud Storage
  • Tape Storage

There are probably even more options, however, I’ve realized that everything has its flaws. For example, the hard drive might fail and it will be a huge effort to restore the data there. Also, if it fails then everything that was there will be gone.

SSDs are proven to have a…

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Apple Silicon M1 is a new and emerging platform that quickly drafts more and more attention to it. I’ve recently written an article discussing why I personally think that some people might postpone migration to the Apple Silicon platform, but to be fair and honest with you I wanted to outline the options that I found out that will allow you to emulate Intel x86 Virtual Machines on your M1 MacBook or Mac Mini or run Linux ARM Virtual machines.

First of all, we should understand what are the exact possibilities we have when it comes to emulation. …

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Mac has been a platform that I was using for more than a decade. Even though there have been some things that I don’t like about the Mac, I still think that this a capable platform and for many users, it’s going to work really well in boosting their productivity and workflows.

The recent transition on the Apple Silicon platform has raised many questions in regards to compatibility but seems like things are improving and this is essentially the platform of the future once all the software is ported on new Macs.

Keep in mind that the applications that you…

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The Internet has changed us in many ways. One of the effects was the fact that we are no longer communicating face-to-face and rather trying to “read” what other people might have in their minds while writing those comments to you.

Angry comments are also unavoidable. No matter how good your content is one way or another it will trigger some people. And we are not even talking about politics. Your opinion might get “weaponized” fast and once that happens it will take just a few minutes before an angry comment from across the globe will be sent to you.

It's quite a popular opinion regarding Android phones, indeed.

I would say that I personally use both iPhone and Android devices and besides the points that you have voiced I would add my observations:

1) iOS has a better quality of the apps. Not because iOS is better, but because developers are more focused on that platform first.

2) Android is much more advanced in terms of connecting to your phone through tools like ADB or connecting to it using the shell, adding external keyboard, etc. However, most of the people don't really care about that kind of things. …

Installing packages using HomeBrew

HomeBrew package manager has been one of my favorite utilities when it comes to installing packages on Mac OS. However, I’ve recently decided to switch to Linux and it was an interesting discovery that HomeBrew also runs on Linux hosts. Keep in mind that many of those packages could be installed by using the default package managers (e.g Synaptic) in Linux. Some people just got like to “brew” (hey, that sounds weird) and the fact that it doesn’t need administrator privileges to run.

Let’s discuss what are my favorite packages available for Linux (keep in mind that not all those…


Gparted running along with DD in the terminal

What’s the best way to learn? By doing stuff, right? Well, that’s how we learn actually. Including making mistakes, which is unavoidable.

For example, I’ve learned how to clone disks by using a well-known “dd” command. What’s the catch here? I’ve messed up the content of my hard drive by providing the incorrect output of the DD command. I just confused one parameter and wiped the content of my disk.

That’s the power of the command line. Those mistakes could be easily avoided if you think twice about what operating you are performing.

What is the “dd” command?

DD stands for “data definition”. This command-line…

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