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Internet of 2021 is exciting. We have lots of platforms, online stores, and endless possibilities to express our opinion. The only problem that we have is that it doesn’t feel like an internet that promotes free speech. It still has something to offer and the future looks promising, but we have some problems as well.

Internet in 2021 promotes a highly curated narrative targeted to serve the interest of the “left” most of the time. …

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Every time the conservation about privacy starts it seems like we are hitting a dead end. Let me elaborate on that. In theory, most of us should not be concerned about what data do we save in the Cloud because we have “nothing to hide”. And a conversation with many people seems to stall once they mention that they have “nothing to hide”.

The are multiple problems lay in that logic, let’s discuss it in detail.

Your Data cost money

No matter how you look at it, but there is a price attached to everything that you have or share. It might be receipts, travel reservations, notes about your favorite drink, information about your relatives, connections, etc. …

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Windows Applications running natively on Mac OS Mojave

It’s 2021 already. Seems like Mac is going in a mobile-oriented direction. And there are clearly positive effects of transitioning to Apple chips: while we are losing the compatibility with some technologies such as BootCamp to run Windows natively as we had on Intel chips, we are gaining performance and ARM processors seem like the direction where the whole industry is headed to.

However, there are still plenty of valid reasons why you would want to consider running Windows applications on your Mac computer. Let’s discuss those reasons and what we can do.

I also made a video recently about that topic where I discussed available options for running Windows applications on Mac and how the future of Windows and Mac OS integration looks like. …

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2020. We have seen everything already. From protests all over the world to US elections that are still questioned. There are many uncomfortable truths to be revealed at some point. It’s hard to know what’s the truth and who stands for it, but we should still try to analyze what’s going on here.

I’ve been living in a paradigm thinking that the United States tries to demonstrate to the world what is real democracy and how a free society works. This year I’m having more questions than answers and the biggest question that I have:

Is Liberalism actually what it claims to be?

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Listen. I hear you out. The elections are in the final stage and it might feel like everyone around you is supporting Democrats. You feel upset, discouraged, and feel like the world is turning against you.

It’s not even about the election itself. I worked in large tech companies and I’ve been seeing what’s going on there. It’s all about the democrat agenda. If you speak even the word against it the only reaction will follow is silence.

What do I think about it?

I think that we reached the point where an alternative opinion on what’s going on is not appreciated. Tech Companies (not all of them, but many) are doing everything they can to suppress your opinion and make you get whatever agenda they want to. …

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Dear reader, let’s check if this situation applies to you:

  • You don’t particularly enjoy the place where you work now?
  • Thinking that you could do better elsewhere?
  • Feeling that you are stuck and unproductive?

I hear you clearly. That’s where nearly all of us get at some point. Let’s think about why you could feel this way.

It might bring us to some conclusion, right?

We are not flowers or trees

We are not supposed to stay at the same job for years because it frequently leads to stagnation. …

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Normal, normal, and normal. We must go back to normal after this all ends.


Last year while actively traveling the world I felt like the world was an interesting place, however many things felt dated. At least two things that were always at the back of my mind:

  1. How we work
  2. How we travel and what’s the real purpose of vacation?

I’ve already written an article about vacations and the way we rest, but what about work?

Turns out — everything has changed this year about the way that we work too. All of a sudden remote work finally became cool. Finally, employers started to realize that there are many benefits when it comes to providing an ability to work remotely to employees. …

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Running the Haiku OS on Lenovo T61 laptop

Operating systems are like underwear — nobody really wants to look at them

© Bill Joy

I have been a Test Engineer professionally for about a decade. Even before I started to get paid professionally for the testing that I perform I was always curious about how the systems work and how does the UI differs in each operating system.

Operating systems used to be a topic of lively discussion between different users. Some users used to prefer the simplicity of one operating system while others want the maximum customization, even if there is a learning curve.

However, in the past few years, things shifted much more into in the mobile world. Operating Systems look more generic now, and in this sense, it even started to feel “boring”. …

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It’s not the news. The rumors about Apple switching to ARM processor have been circulating for a while. After all, it seems like a logical step in the computer industry to switch to something more innovative and efficient. It still feels a bit funny that we are bringing processors from our mobile devices to desktops.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"

(c) Alan Kay

But that’s how it is. We are expecting to see either announcement or additional information about it during WWDC on June 22nd, 2020.

Either way, one way or another we are expecting to see the switch happening in the foreseeable future. Apple has performed multiple transitions. The last one has been PowerPC to Intel transition in 2006. …

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When we talk about Test Automation, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Mobile and Web Automation. However, as testers we should be aware of the latest technologies in Desktop Automation as well.

I was always curious about automating Desktop applications, but there seems to be less data online about Desktop Automation.

Let’s fill this knowledge gap by trying an interesting tool for Windows Automation — WinAppDriver. You could also follow along with a video tutorial here.

Also, if you are interested in Web Testing, consider watching my video tutorial about TestCafe and WebDriver + POM.

WinAppDriver: The Basics


Dmitry Yarygin

Nomad lifestyle writer. Passionate about breaking software— QA Engineer. My Travel & Tech YouTube channel:

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