Don’t like your job? That’s great!

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ear reader, let’s check if this situation applies to you:

  • You don’t particularly enjoy the place where you work now?
  • Thinking that you could do better elsewhere?
  • Feeling that you are stuck and unproductive?

I hear you clearly. That’s where nearly all of us get at some point. Let’s think about why you could feel this way.

It might bring us to some conclusion, right?

We are not flowers or trees

We are not supposed to stay at the same job for years because it frequently leads to stagnation. It’s your freedom to choose where you would like to put your energy in and nobody can take away that freedom.

If you feel that you must stay in this specific company find a compelling reason why should you?

  • Is it because of the bonuses or stock options that the company provides?
  • Health Insurance options seem great?
  • Does it provide a delicious free food?
  • There is no other job for your skillset in your area?
  • Do you enjoy being surrounded by this group of enthusiasts?
  • Are you afraid that you will not find a similar job opportunity?

Make it clear to yourself why are you still there. If the main reason is food, bonuses, or your fear — do you think that it will work out long term?

My point here is that you should feel that you are progressing somewhere. If your employer is increasing your salary or your work conditions — that’s great, but it means nothing if you are not progressing as a person or a specialist.

Job location is not your friend

Listen, I’ve heard so many people living in Silicon Valley saying that “I wish I could live elsewhere, but I love my job here”. Way too many examples.

Recent events proved that the overrated Silicon Valley location is not something that you should hold on to. We have remote options all around the globe and we are very flexible with Zoom and other ways of connecting.

Staying at a specific location that you don’t really like because of the job might not be the best idea. If your personal life doesn’t align with your line of work — one way or another this whole structure would collapse at some point.

Lucky people are the ones who live and work at a location that they like and have the job opportunity that they love as well. It’s either both or at some point you will feel that some part of you is missing.

Personally, I love the job opportunities that Silicon Valley provides. But I absolutely dislike the lifestyle and many other aspects of living in California. This might be a topic for a separate article. Of course, many people enjoy California. That’s their choice too.

You should pick your location. Not your employer.

Ever thought about your business?

Office jobs provide security and stability. They provide you with the perks that you might enjoy. It might give amazing opportunities for your family and kids.

The problem? Your freedom is not a priority here. The company goals are. If you feel fine with this approach — there is nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone should create their own business and not everyone should create content.

I personally found that my content and voice is something that I could never sell to someone. I might work with a company as a freelancer, but I always feel that my projects are an important part of me.

I simply cannot give away my inner voice and replace it with something that’s not mine.

My goals are my goals. That’s it.


See? What I wanted to say is that if you feel stuck and thinking that you deserve better — you already understand that what you are currently doing something wrong.

The main thing to understand is that your physical health depends on your mental health. If your job makes you feel sad, tired and you don’t feel motivated — maybe it’s not your kind of job, after all.

Let’s just remind ourselves that we only live once. It’s fine to make mistakes. But it’s not fine to silence your inner voice by working in a place where you don’t belong. And watching your health degrade because of your job is not fun at all.

All of us could be replaced. There are no irreplaceable people especially when it comes to jobs. By working on another project or job you could feel much more motivated and appreciated.

Don’t be a tree. Find your adventure.

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