How to Spot a Bad Mobile App? 7 Key Areas to Look Out for

Dmitry Yarygin
6 min readMay 21, 2021
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Mobile applications are everywhere. Those days we are processing banking information, purchase tickets, write articles, and communicating with an outside world.

However, when we talk about the quality of those applications it’s frequently lacking. What exactly is lacking, you might ask?

Well, it depends on how we analyze the mobile application. There might be issues in those areas:

  • Security issues (encryption, passwords, data processing services)
  • UI issues (bad design, phone compatibility issues)
  • UX issues (main flows are not addressed well)
  • Crashes (issues while trying to perform basic scenarios)
  • Notifications (user is not notified and notifications are not opening the proper screen)
  • Performance (application is too slow)
  • Offline Mode (unable to use the app without the Internet connection)

Those are the main areas that typically make your user think twice about using the app and switch to some other application. Let’s talk about those cases in detail.

I should mention that I am a Test Engineer and testing applications is something that I do for a living. Everything in this list is based on my own professional experience and observations.

Security Issues

As a user, I want to trust the application developer on how the data is processed and stored. If I see that one area of the app (e.g design) is lacking my second primary concern would be on how the data itself is processed.

Are they using a secure connection? Is backup of the data is performed? Are they actually encrypting my data or anyone can access it?

Those are the question that I would keep asking myself while using the app. Probably nobody will let me know how exactly things are handled, but if the app actually indicated on the security practices I would feel much better about using the specific app.

Another problematic area is permissions. Why application is asking for those specific permissions and how those are going to be used? Will the app function well if I reject those…



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