I keep writing about Apple and M1 Processors. It’s like a Drug, right?

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be honest I never expected to write so many articles about Apple. Yes, I am passionate about technology and I’m passionate about the Apple Silicon M1 chip. However, it seems like every time there is an article with an “Apple” next to it — it gets some traction. My other articles are also getting attention, but anything related to Apple is double or triple that amount.

Here is my recent article where I have discussed the reasons why I was wrong about Apple Silicon processors and why those might be a good choice for you.

Why is that?

I wish I knew the exact logic behind Apple being so popular, but most likely there are three reasons behind it:

  • Algorithms
  • Media attention towards Apple
  • All-in-one solutions

Every time Apple releases a new product it typically gets the most attention. I own multiple Android phones and an iPhone. But when the new phone or software update is released it’s typically the Apple product that people are talking about.

The world is exciting. There are new Android smartphones that are getting released, there are Windows and Linux laptops. However, we keep talking about Apple and praising it. For various reasons, but for what exact reasons?

Why Apple gets the most Attention?

Technically, I think the core of the problem is because people are either expecting everything at once or because people are lazy. I’m leaning towards the latter.

I quickly realized what exactly draws me to Apple. It’s just an ability to click a couple of buttons, sync my devices, and be done with it. I might like further customization, but that brings some anxiety and I want to feel in control without any additional stress.

That’s how Apple enters your life. You click a button here, select here, and you are done. The brain just shuts off and follows instructions. Frequently, not all the time, though.

There is another reason, of course. In the case of Apple Silicon chips, this computer really confused everyone (in a good way) and made the whole industry shake. Yes, we had computers on ARM architecture before, but Apple was the one that took it to the next level. There is still some excessive hype about the processors, but for the most part, it’s fair.

Is there a reason to be concerned?

Maybe a little bit. I wrote articles where I criticized Apple and I wrote articles where I praised Apple. It got attention in both cases because of the trendy topic.

But at the same time, I was not surprised. The negative feedback about Apple typically does not involve a healthy discussion, but rather many identical comments from Apple fans.

The positive feedback about Apple typically creates almost no discussion. It’s like everyone agrees and there is nothing to talk about. But people still read those stories too. I wish there was a ground for discussion and more people questioned some of Apple’s decisions. In practice, this rarely happens. It’s either a round of applause or negative comments if you try to question any decisions on the direction where Apple is headed.


This article has no conclusion, only assumptions. It’s just me guessing why the world is typically seeking a single point of reference and making conclusions or validations based on that. I wish to see a healthy discussion about Apple products one day where everyone is trying to question the bad decisions and praise the good ones.

Right now it seems like any topic about Apple are trendy and it absolutely overpasses any other kind of discussion on Medium. That makes me wonder why this happens. Is it because of our high demand on that topic or something else?

Nomad lifestyle writer. Passionate about breaking software— QA Engineer. My Travel & Tech YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/nomadicdmitry

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