I’ve lost 100 pounds in 3 Months. 10 Steps to Achieve that Goal

Dmitry Yarygin
7 min readApr 30, 2021
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8 years ago I was overweight by about 100 pounds. I was ashamed of myself. I didn’t like taking photos of myself and was overall really depressed about the state of things.

My health was also degrading with every single pound that I’ve gained, so I knew that I need to take an action. But how to motivate me into doing that and how to find the strength to do so? Let’s talk about it.

Disclaimer: Please note that I’m not a weight-loss advisor and can only speak from my own experience. I’m suggesting that you discuss all those steps with a doctor and don’t rush yourself into making a weight loss as quick as I did. Take your time, but stay on track.

My weight loss started with cutting down on almost everything that has Carbs. It has done a lot of stress to my body initially and I suggest you start this journey slower because it would be much more healthy that way.

Step 1. Realize that you need to take an Action

The photo of an Author. 4 years before losing weight.

You need to realize that there is a task that you need to achieve. Stop playing a victim, shaming yourself or others who might see your excessive weight in a negative light.

All our bodies function differently and metabolism also varies from person to person. At some point, you’ve probably paused on thinking about what do you eat and how it affects your body. Don’t blame yourself for that. It happened, but you have all the power in the world to fix it.

This is how it all started with me. I watched the stories of other overweight people in the world, understood what I had in common with them, and started tweaking my mindset towards the need of doing something actionable.

What else could be the reason for losing weight? Here is a universal one. If you need to get the attention of the opposite gender losing weight is typically one of the best strategies out there. That was my motivation as well.

Step 2. Think about what Groceries and food you buy

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