Relax. Travel doesn’t solve any of your problems

A church in downtown Minsk, Belarus

Travel is an ultimate freedom

Go as far as you can

Buy a one way ticket and never return

robably you have heard all those cliche statements many times during your lifetime and that sparked some interest around that topic. But what exactly does it mean and how it’s supposed to change anything in your life?


Many of us want to experience something new in life. There are multiple ways that each of us satisfies that. We can either pick up a new hobby, find something else that inspires us, start a new chapter in life, learn a new language or travel.

For many of us, travel has become a first option that comes to our mind. Why? Probably because it’s usually the easiest one. Picking up a new hobby usually involves many specific actions, knowledge of the subject, etc.

Bunderstag building. Berlin, Germany.

Travel doesn’t. Take a few pictures, post those on Instagram and can call it a day. Easy, right? That’s usually what makes people start. All it takes is a change in behavior without a significant push in life to change yourself, but let’s investigate further.

What are the typical types of travelers?

First thing to do after quitting your office job

It depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve in that matter and what kind of traveler you are. There are mainly three types of travelers, in my opinion:

Occasional travelers aka office workers. Those people travel every once and a while without any particular purpose. They don’t think about making this a real lifestyle choice. No, for them it’s just a way to temporarily escape their real life, a 9 to 5 office routine or anything else.

Hey, it’s me in the office!

Full time travelers. Nomads have a different outlook of their life. They no longer belong to a specific country. Yes, they have a passport of that country, but they don’t think that they are obligated to actually stay there and they are ready to frequently move around the world. Of course, it doesn’t need to a different country all the time. It could be just another city within a country.

But the point is that there is not much that holds them in a specific location and they have an ability to travel around. All they need is an internet connection and coffee. Maybe some food as well, right? Oh, and a telecommute job doesn’t hurt either.

“The world is mine”

Frequent movers. Those people are a bit different from occasional travelers and full time nomads. What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, those people move from one country to another and have a job offer in that country.

They don’t have a portable business like nomads. They could be an occasional travelers as well, but the main idea behind this is that they move from one country or city to another and change their “base”. They are actually moving and each time they become “occasional travelers”.

What does it take to become a full time traveler?

Honestly? Just a passion to become one. You’ll always find your path if you are looking to be a nomad. You can teach English online, you can volunteer, you can save and move between countries where life expenses are low. There are freelance websites if you have a specific skill that you could sell online. There are limitless options, pick anything that you wish.

This is my Chevy van aka my mobile house

Once you have a clear understanding of that — start taking action. Remember, you have started all that mess because you have actually wanted to change something in your life. It won’t be easy at first. And it might not be easy going forward because nomad life is definitely not about stability.

Do it not because someone else told you so. Not because it was a sequence of events that led to this.

No, it was your and only your decision to change your life. And in a huge variety of things to do you decided to pick up travel. Stick to it.

Will travel solve my problems in life?

Now we are getting to the point. Problems are a complex term. Most of the time, problems are a product of our own imagination. There is no real reason to struggle unless you really want to. If you want to travel full time only to avoid problems your approach is a bit off.

I’ve started to travel myself to resolve my pain from a breakup. I simply wanted to get lost, detach myself from the area where I was living and see myself in a different light. Did it worked for me? Yes and no.

I’ve realized that the “pain” that I was having due to a breakup was mostly a product of my own thoughts and not a real thing. But at the same time occupying myself with a different life approach was definitely a way to understand myself better.

Finding a culprit of your problems is easier said than done, but deep inside you already know the answer. You already know what makes you feel worried or misunderstood. And you know what makes you happy.

I’ve realized that for me doing simple and small tasks in a proper proportion is what makes me happy. It’s drinking a morning coffee or taking a sip of wine. Or finishing the whole bottle of wine (at times). It doesn’t really matter what it is. The only thing matters if it makes you feel satisfied or not.

Drinking a glass of wine at Avenida Revolución. Tijuana, Mexico.

Travel allows you to fill the void. Just like any other way of occupying your time. It might and might not work for you.

Does travel lead to self — discover?

In my opinion, yes. Especially if it’s solo travel. Getting familiar with a new place and being surrounded with people who represent very different mindset is priceless.

The more confused you are the more you understand about yourself in that situation: the actions that you are going to take and your ability to fight with you fears.

If you travel with your significant other, it’s also great. But, unfortunately, you are taking your world with you. You are more focused on each other rather than just soaking up in a new environment.


The main point of what I wanted to express is that travel have became a popular trend in the recent years. This trend promotes that seeing the whole world and becoming a nomad is something that everyone must do and this immediately fixes all problems in your life.

It’s not true. Believe me or not but I have not automatically became happier just because I’ve been in many places and stayed in many hostels, hotels, camping spots and things like that.

No, I became more self aware regarding the things that make me happier and things that make me depressed. That’s what full time travel made me understand and this is what most of the bloggers won’t tell you.

Do you know how many miserable lonely evening I had since I’ve started full time travel? Countless. But I won’t trade that experience for anything. And I’ve also had amazing evenings and met great people around the world.

Nomadic lifestyle is a tool, it’s only working if you know what do you want and what you don’t. If you are person who likes to be static in one specific location and even the world “travel” makes you feel sick — don’t do something because of the trend.

A typical evening in Moscow, Russia

Do things only if your heart calls you. Otherwise, what’s point?

Nomad lifestyle writer. Passionate about breaking software— QA Engineer. My Travel & Tech YouTube channel:

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