Tech Worker and don’t support Democrats? Let’s talk

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Listen. I hear you out. The elections are in the final stage and it might feel like everyone around you is supporting Democrats. You feel upset, discouraged, and feel like the world is turning against you.

It’s not even about the election itself. I worked in large tech companies and I’ve been seeing what’s going on there. It’s all about the democrat agenda. If you speak even the word against it the only reaction will follow is silence.

What do I think about it?

I think that we reached the point where an alternative opinion on what’s going on is not appreciated. Tech Companies (not all of them, but many) are doing everything they can to suppress your opinion and make you get whatever agenda they want to.

Why they want you to think this way? I don’t want to talk conspiracy theories here, but seems like money is on the table. It’s all about making you believe whatever they say.

They will make all attempts towards changing your mind and making you believe that there is no choice.

Let’s think about it logically. Is this democracy if we approach it this way?

How to fix it?

First of all, there must be arguments about why one candidate is better than another. Have you heard any discussion? There was none, except the hysteria. It’s like you should think “he is so bad, it’s not even worth discussing it”. This is not a discussion, this is just pointing fingers like when you were 5 years old.

All I hear in those talks about Trump is that he is a against specific group of people or that nobody likes him. Well, how about the real data? Almost half of the country stood for him.

They will say “Oh, those are rural counties and those don’t count”. Wait, if our goal is democracy let’s make sure everyone’s opinion is heard. Let everyone speak. We are here for equality and having everyone heard? Sure, I agree with that.

Is this an end?

It’s not an end. No matter the results of this election keep believing in yourself and your values. If you feel discouraged and don’t want to be part of the company then leave. Do not change your mind based on what your co-workers say.

Nobody can take away your right to vote and your right to support what’s important for you. Political discussions are still in trend and feel free to explain to your friends and even colleagues why you think this and not the other way.

Freedom will win anyway. No other way around.

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