Why you shouldn’t give up on your YouTube channel

Dmitry Yarygin
6 min readApr 20, 2020
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It’s been approximately 3 years since I’ve started working actively on my YouTube channel. Of course, occasionally releasing a video or two doesn’t count as working on a channel. I only count those 3 years because this is when I started to take my channel seriously.

YouTube and content creation have always been somewhere at the back of my mind. I always wanted to create new content, engage myself in learning more about different topics and telling people about my experience.

The only problem with that is there is a difference between a dream and sticking to a plan. Without taking specific steps there is no way of achieving a goal. It’s the same with the YouTube channel.

I was dreaming about creating new content for a while, but instead of taking those steps to make videos, I was talking myself into why I should not make videos. Then I have realized: I cannot wait any longer, I must do my thing.

Could you relate to that, my dear reader? I assume so if you are reading those words. Ready to learn why 3 years later I’m still shooting YouTube videos?

And why you should do it too…

To avoid “No channel” remorse

As I have mentioned above, I’ve always known that I should stick to a plan and start a channel. While I was dreaming about my channel I saw other channels go bigger and better. I saw people telling about the things they love. And I was only consuming it without participating.

My YouTube stats. Consistent video creation is rewarding

That’s when the remorse kicks in. I should have started working on my videos years ago, but something made me believe that I couldn’t. There is nobody to blame except me. I think that many people out there also have that kind of emotion. It’s called “lack of confidence”.

I’m shooting my videos because I don’t want that “No channel” remorse to hit me again. If I’m doing something wrong I’m still doing something, but if I do nothing then it means I gave up on my dreams.

Makes sense? Let’s discuss what having a YouTube channel has told me when I have started…



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