YouTube Shorts. Pros and Cons from Content Creator Perspective

Dmitry Yarygin
3 min readNov 15, 2022
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I have a weird relationship with YouTube shorts. As a content creator with approximately two years of active content creation and seeing the rise of the TikTok format, I thought there was no way this would ever be that popular.

And here we go. A couple of years later, every respectful media platform has a format of Short videos, which are getting lots of traction.
The only problem is that it all feels wrong. Let’s go over the negative and positive sides of it.

The Negative Side

YouTube Short. Nomadic Dmitry Channel
My channel (Nomadic Dmitry) and the latest YouTube Short

Those Short Videos take approximately 2–3 minutes to get done. That might be great. But consider that creating regular YouTube videos takes hours, sometimes days, and frequently for a worse result.

Take a look at my other videos made this year:

Full Videos from Nomadic Dmitry channel.

It took me way more time to create full-length videos. Most of the time, it involves making the script, editing the video, and doing some extra work. The result? Well, it didn’t perform well.

None of this is necessary to create YouTube Shorts. Will it motivate me to develop full videos? I don’t think so. I am thinking about doing many Shorts and changing my channel format to shorter videos.

The Positive Side

YouTube Shorts. It took me probably 10 minutes to create all three

It’s simple. I look at YouTube Shorts as Instagram Stories, and I make those to share the moment with my audience and not to occupy much of their time. I could save time by not editing the videos and making those straight to the point, sometimes just in 10 seconds.

This is indeed the video’s future for many of us. People got used to the fragmented knowledge, and everyone has time for something better than watching 2 hours long videos. Oh boy, there are many of those on YouTube.


YouTube Shorts and overall short media format are the future, and YouTube is following the trend. This format got a history of proven success, and that’s how we ended up there.

Unfortunately, the downside is that quality and editing are only sometimes perfect. Another downside is that while it looks perfect on mobile — vertical videos are not that great on Desktop.

Yes, I still prefer long and widescreen videos. Shorts are better for many users because we use mobile phones most of the time.



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